How to Measure Your Wrist Size August 11 2014

We want to send you a bracelet that will fit you absolutely perfectly so you can get as many compliments as possible! For that, we need your perfect wrist size..

Please follow the instructions below to determine your wrist size. When ordering, please be sure to choose your wrist size from the drop down menu.

Each of our bracelets is designed differently. Some fit perfect with 0.5 inches in addition to your wrist size, some fit perfect with 1.0 inch more. This is why we ask for an accurate measurement of your wrist size, not your "bracelet size".

Measuring Your Wrist Size

Measure your wrist with a flexible, soft tape measure just below the wrist bone (below the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone). Measure snugly, but not too tightly. This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size.This is the number we need. PLEASE DO NOT ADD EXTRA SPACE when measuring!

Here is what a 7 inch wrist size measurement should look like:

 *Tip: If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a piece of string, wrap it snugly but not too tightly around your wrist and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then lay the string flat on a ruler to measure up to the mark. DON'T use anything bulky to measure your wrist.